So today I went to the Soumaya museum and the collection of Salvador Dalí’s sculptures is amazing!

1. Space Elephant. 2. Triumphant Angel. 3. Surrealist Piano. 4. Alice in Wonderland. 5. back detail of Woman in Flames. 6. Homage to Terpsichore.


Rachel Sussman

The Oldest Living Things in the World


On the post I reblogged about Gabriel Garcia Marquez


I got a message from mi muchacho (Colombiano) with the following:

"I have a big problem with it
Colombia is seen as the place of cocaine drugs. Women and coffee.
And when it comes to a true visionary writer. Then its part of south America as a whole
Not as the colombian…

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Cityscapes: Paintings by Jeremy Mann


if you’re reading this i’m beautiful


i just wanna cuddle naked with you and see who gives in first tbh



"what will your kids think of that tattoo?"
my kids aren’t going to give 2 shits because i’m not going to raise them to be a judgmental asshole like yours did

i’m just going to reblog this over and over again until i give myself carpal tunnel

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